Saitek X65F Pro Flight System


    Product Features

    • Metal construction for the ultimate in realism and durability
    • Unique force sensing stick – all input is detected from how hard you push on the stick, just like in real modern day jet fighters. This includes a force-sensing twist rudder control
    • Features on-the-fly adjustment of the force settings for the stick – including separate adjustments for each axis of the stick for the ultimate in stick response configuration.
    • Dual throttle for finer control over twin engine jets, or lock the two throttles together for single engine fighters
    • Stick controls include:
      3 x 8-way hats
      1 x 8-way thumb hat
      1 x trigger
      2 x buttons
      2 x pinkie switches
    • Throttle controls include:
      2 x rotaries (incorporating push button controls)
      1 x mouse hat
      4 x 8-way hats
      1 x 2 way ‘K’ switch
      1 x scroll selector
      1 x 4 position mode switch
    • Back panel with 5 more control switches, force-sensing strength selection, mode indication and mounting points for Saitek Pro Flight Instrument Panels (sold separately)
    • A potential total of 608 commands possible without ever moving your hands from the controls!


    What is Force Sensing?

    In a world first for a manufactured simulation controller, the X65F’s stick does not move; instead, like those found in real modern fighter jets, it responds to pressure that you exert on the handle, resulting in a fast, accurate and realistic response that will make you the ace in your squadron. With no moving parts and a shaft that is made from high grade steel, this provides incredible reliability and longevity.


    Preis = $400

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